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YouTuber Who Eats Glue Banned From Internet Competition

^ Because chaining yourself to a fountain is real gangsta, apparently

Chris Schewe a.k.a Shoenice22 is a practitioner of perhaps the most lowbrow form of entertainment imaginable. He’s eaten bottles of glue, tampons, whole pencils, pokemon cards, bubble bath, candles and downed entire bottles of vodka.

While it’s a less controversial kind of content than the somewhat similar FoodForLouis -whose eating of live animals gained him a visit from the RSPCA and lost him his advertising revenue- he still hasn’t managed to steer clear of controversy.

It’s his conduct rather than than his content that’s attracted ire however.

Expletive Filled Rants

He was running in the web competition King of the Web; I say was because the website disqualified him for repeatedly violating their community guidelines

As a democratic platform that seeks to ‘Reward Internet Awesome’, we try to maintain a hands off approach to moderating the creative content of our campaigners. We realize that what may be offensive to one person, may not be to another”

"However, there are occasions when campaigners can go beyond normal smack-talking and competitive banter"

He posted multiple expletive filled rants in the form of videos and comments made on both his videos and the videos of his competitors (many have since been taken down); allegedly even going so far as to make death threats against them.

Cyber Bullying

Before Schewe was disqualified many users even complained that the website itself was complicit in cyber bullying by remaining silent on the issue.

They denied this, saying that

 ”We unequivocally do NOT support bullying of any kind. It’s almost certain that you will not like every contestant but only when a campaigner is unwilling to work with us and repeatedly refuses to follow our community guidelines will we suspend them from the competition”

In a post on his personal tumblr King of the Web employee and YouTuber ThatZak went even further, saying that users had misjudged the company

"I get to see things from the perspective of a high level user, a low level user, and an employee. There is a huge discrepancy between what users think goes on behind the scenes and what actually goes on behind the scenes"

In the greater context of the YouTube community this may not seem like such a big deal but it’s important to note that just as with any young society the community is forming the basis for a general view of what is and isn’t acceptable behaviour for those who create content.

Cases like this will provide the precedent for that view.

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Exceptionally Ordinary Variety Tour: Changes, They Are a-Comin’

Or perhaps more accurately, they’ve arrived.

It’s safe to say that things haven’t been going as originally planned during the execution of the “Exceptionally Ordinary Variety Tour” and this is particularly true of the line up. 

Alex Day

Alex Day has backed out of the tour completely, his reasons for doing so are unclear; the official announcement simply states that he will be leaving “to pursue other ventures in his career” implying that he has something more important to attend to and that it’s probably work related. 

Whether that means his career on YouTube or his music career is unknown.

His own statement was even less obliging saying simply that

"I can’t go on the tour"

and that fans shouldn’t

"think of it as losing me; think of it as gaining Tom"

Tom Milsom and Eddplant

Long time YouTube musicians Tom Milsom and Eddplant have quickly stepped in to take Day’s place. Milsom will be performing at every stop on the tour while Eddplant will be performing at the Anaheim show only.

This will have eased the minds of the tours organizers who -while undoubtedly having a dedicated fanbase- lack the sheer numbers to sell out a tour like this.


Milsom’s nearly 100,000 subscribers and Eddplant’s 44,000 will fill the hole left by Day.

Whether it will be enough to console the Nerimon fans who chipped in to the Kickstarter campaign in hopes of seeing Day perform on stage outside of Vidcon is another matter altogether.

The tours official statement on the matter read that

"He [Alex Day] wishes to express the deepest of apologies to his fans that donated money to the Exceptionally Ordinary kickstarter campaign, expecting to see him on the tour"

Cassandra Croft

To heap even more troubles on the shoulders of organizer and show runner in chief Todd Williams perhaps the most varietous act of what is still, essentially, a variety tour has been thrown into doubt.

Professional stunt woman and daily vlogger Cassandra Croft A.K.A NerdzRL may be unable to attend due to an unforeseen work opportunity

"It’s not set in stone, in saying that I am sorry. I’m on standby for the tour. I hope most of you understand that this is something, stunts is something I wanna do and that’s why I chose this opportunity."


In brighter news tickets for three out of five venues have been announced including Portland, San Francisco, and Seattle.

Full and up to date listings of attendees and links to their various places of residence in and around the green and verdant interwebz can be found here and here

Your 45% Vicious Journalist 55% Chinese Take-Out Editor

John Mortimer.

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YouTubers Announce “Exceptionally Ordinary Variety Tour”

A tour of western American cities and Vancouver this June it will include YouTubers YourAverageAdam, Toddly00, thatzak, ravenzoe, mulfordthedean, voldey, NerdzRL and others performing various shows and YouTube musician Alex Day singing.

The tour is being funded by a Kickstarter campaign (here) and is currently at 40% of it’s $7000 goal. It is believed that the events will be ticketed but prices and the method of distribution are as yet unknown.

As with all kickstarter funding drives various incentives are being offered in exchange for pledging a certain amount of money such as personalised drawings by well known Tumblr artist Vondell Swain, copies of Adam Robertson’s comedy albums, signed tour postcards and personalised videos.

Audience Participation

A large part of the tour will focus on audience participation and the opportunity to interact with people you would ordinarily only see through the screen of your computer

"There’s going to be crowd participation in abundance. We’ve seriously come up with some really clever ways to interact with you guys throughout the show."

The only specific act of audience participation revealed thus far is the opportunity to throw a pie in the face of a performer of your choice, currently available for a pledge of a $100 or more.

Alex Day

Of particular interest may be the inclusion of musician Alex Day; hot on the heels of his latest single “Lady Godiva” (read our evaluation of it’s launch here) he will be performing at every stop on the tour.

This year is already proving to be a busy one with livelavalive, Meekakitty, Nanalew, Jason Munday, Alex Carpenter and Olan Rogers having just wrapped up their “Dial Up Tour” in February and the 3rd annual Vidcon on June 29th in Anaheim (where the tour finishes up two days before if anyone feels like getting there early).

John Mortimer.

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