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Rocketboom: A Return On The Horizon (finally)

Remember Rocketboom? me neither, the daily internet culture show has been gone for a while now. It’s been 8 months since the end of regular uploads and 6 months since the channels last video.

That last video contained a tantalising hint explaining the show’s absence and promising more to come “We are ready to go but we decided we wanted to do something more, something new. So that’s what we are going to do” as well as an unknown young woman (presumably the shows new host).


A recent tumblr post by Rocketboom’s creator Andrew Baron seems to suggest that things are finally on the move at Rocketboom HQ. 

"We’re just about two weeks out from re-releasing the show. I was hoping to have it launched already but decided to wait until we are ready instead of force the date"

Although the bird has flown on the two week deadline the fact that he was even willing to suggest a time frame means they must be very close to being ready and already have a number of episodes filmed.

This one from the official Rocketboom twitter feed might even be hinting at a definite return date.


While it’s protracted absence can be partially explained by the departure of host Molly Templeton -or mememolly as she’s more commonly known- for a talent development directorship at the burgeoning MyDamnChannel network; the sheer length of time the show has been away for makes it seems likely that deeper issues are at play here. 

For Starters, No-one Actually Seems To Work There Any More


The last two years have entertained an exodus of talent with 6/10 of the senior Rocketboom staff having left in the last two years, most moving on to pursue career advancement.

Have they been replaced and the recruitment kept quiet in lieu of a flashy announcement? or is Rocketboom running a skeleton crew with only a new presenter backed up by a camera operator and editing staff?

Whatever happens it seems likely that Rocketboom will have a tough time of it when it does come back, the internet moves fast and while it’s been away young networks (like MyDamnChannel) have been buying up real estate, google has been sponsoring experimental channels like the Vlogbrothers “Crash Course” and “Sci-Show” and Rocketboom has lost subscribers and perhaps more importantly it’s grip on the collective conciousness of the youtube watching community.

However, Baron has a wealth of experience in online video and appears willing to adapt to the challenge of YouTube in 2012. He’s even posted a response on his tumblr (here) about the economics of Rocketbooms posting frequency.

I don’t know what Andrew Baron’s been cooking up at Rocketboom HQ but I hope for his sake it’s as exciting as he says it is.

John Mortimer.

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