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YouTube Digest: The Videos You Should Have Been Watching This Week

This is the first in a series of articles -one of which will be posted every Sunday afternoon- showcasing excellent videos that you may have missed this week

[Click on the links, I’m afraid I’ve yet to figure out a way of properly embedding videos into text posts]

^ Moustachioed Vlogger and Tutorialist Zolloc skateboards around the mean streets of suburban Nashville

PBS off book takes a look at 8 bit as an art form

^emilythebravee teaches you How To Internet

^ Inspired by the drawings of artist and YouTuber Maddy Vian film-maker and YouTuber Ed Stockham (along with his friends) made this.

^ Vlogger MorganPaigeLoves makes a tribute to her favourite author Ray Bradbury after his recent death.

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