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Sam Pepper Entry In £10,000 ChannelFlip Contest Causes Controversy

The contest -which Pepper is currently winning- is sponsored by computer giant Dell and the prize consists of £10,000, professional coaching by David Mitchell and the opportunity to star in their own online comedy show (presumably featured on ChannelFlip itself).

The range of entrants includes individual comedians as well as small groups doing impressions, skits and routines.

It’s ostensibly aimed at up and coming underground comedians who want a leg up into the mainstream.

Forgot to Tell the Joke

Whether that category includes ex big brother contestant Pepper is debatable, especially considering his somewhat unclear prior affiliations with ChannelFlip.

However, it’s the nature of his entry itself that’s really got people riled up.

"Hi guys, just wanted to quickly enter this competition cause I’m a comedian and [I] just wanna tell you a joke"

Roughly twenty seconds of silence then passes before a caption pops up saying ”sorry guys I forgot to tell the joke” Pepper then goes on to say

so if you could just vote for me that would be really good thanks guys”

Bus Tour

This isn’t the first time Pepper has been criticised for the way he utilises his fan base.

In June of this year he started a campaign to buy a coach and tour the U.K at a hefty £50,000 price tag. Funded, of course, by donations from his subscribers who in return would be permitted to enter the bus and party with him and other YouTubers.

The project soon fell flat after only a small percentage of the target was met and the video promoting it was privated by Pepper.

Vote Based Competitions

It isn’t just Pepper who’s come up for criticism.

Traditionally competitions like these can expect the winner to be the person with the best entry.

They make the assumption that nearly everyone coming to the website arrives relatively unbiased and without having yet decided who they’re voting for or that they’ll at least take a look at the other entries.

This logic kind of goes out the window when dealing with people who already have a built in fanbase and who don’t need to carve one out through the competition itself.

The implication is that if competitions want to claim that they’re rewarding the best entry rather than the one with the largest fanbase behind it -regardless of objective merit- then impartial judges rather than a system of open voting is the way to go.

Regardless of who actually wins it seems clear that those who organise competitions like these will need to start factoring competitors who already have large audiences into their calculations.

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Sam Pepper YouTube Gathering: Simmering Irritation Boils Over

YouTuber and ex-big brother contestant Sam Pepper has been stirring up controversy on the ‘tubes lately.

The 23 year old -who describes himself on twitter as a “Self Acclaimed Social Network King” (it’s “proclaimed” by the way Mr. Pepper, just saying)- has attracted  criticism from within the community for the way he organized a recent London YouTube gathering.

Some who attended felt that far from encouraging creativity, collaboration and friendship between YouTubers and the people who view their content (as has arguably been the ethos since the first large YouTube gatherings in 2007) Peppers event served only to inflate the egos of larger YouTubers with more subscribers and views.

"I think the point of YouTube gatherings should be, well, you go to them and you meet people who are like-minded, nice and sweet and you go home and you talk to them on the Internet. They shouldn’t be ‘oh come to this thing, meet people with more subscribers than you and feel like a lower form of person’"

This isn’t the first gathering of it’s kind to be criticised though; YouTuber Lucy took to task footage of a February gathering (the original video can be seen here)

"The ‘famous’ youtubers literally climbed on it [a monument] and crowd surfed off into the arms of hundreds of fangirls. I just don’t know what to say about it other than it kind of upset me that this was was being advertised as a gathering"

She went on to say that these events corresponded far more to the idea of a “meet ‘n’ greet” than a traditional YouTube gathering.

Whatever they are it’s clear that the style of these events perpetuate the idea of a clear divide between content creators, content consumers and even between YouTubers themselves providing the gap in subscriber numbers is large enough.

Either you’re surfing the crowd or you’re holding the surfer up. That would seem to to stifle communication between the two almost completely and in doing so be the very antithesis of what was originally intended by the very first gatherings.

John Mortimer.

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