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YouTube Digest XIII: The Videos You Should Have Been Watching This Week

^ TheKathrynnnLaura hilariously describes her first life drawing class

^ JamieVSTheUniverse & friends go on a snow covered countryside walk. I believe sheep are also involved; if that’s your sort of thing.

^ Brand new channel “The Brain Scoop“‘s first proper video and it’s a blinder. Presenter Emily Graslie guides us along the halls of skulls, bones, pelts and assorted curable things with skill and grace.

It’s also incredibly funny so don’t worry if you were avoiding this one on the basis of morbidness.

^ Louna Maroun expounds upon the phenomenon known as “Gym People”, if you’ve joined a gym to get fit this January this one is for you.

Or if you haven’t and just like laughing at people who could stand to lay off the weights for a while this one is especially for you.

^ Anyone in their twenties and living in a city might do well to stay away from this if they want to keep their sense of self identity intact because, well….you’re probably a hipster.

^ Finally, Lex Croucher has a little something for all you Hobbit fans coming down from your 12th cinema viewing.

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#SaveYouTube and the Continued Power of the YouTube Community

[So far I’ve given you a heap of news, a web TV review and a little dab of opinion here and there. So here’s that great big slab of journalistically questionable content I’ve been promising. With icing and a cherry on top. Enjoy.]

In the light of some slightly panic stricken videos (x,x,x) precipitated by that big ol’ nasty sub purge you’d be forgiven for thinking that the YouTube community had become a fractured, cold place for partners to eke out a living.

A Stalin’s Russia of online video; where guys called Igor offer sub4sub on the black market while big YouTubers ride past in limousines on their way to a meeting at YouTube headquarters.

Existing Issues

In addition to the alleged “active” subscriber losses a lot of the issues raised concern format changes to YouTube’s homepage layout -which Onision describes as “absolutely disgusting”- the integration of the social network Google+ into the account registration process and ongoing problems with subscription boxes.

None of these are new issues but the confusion caused by the sub purge and the subsequent handling of that confusion by YouTube has brought them to the forefront of people’s minds once again.


YouTube’s lack of communication with their partners and the dismissive tone inherent in what communication there has been certainly hasn’t helped

"We’ve also heard some viewers are concerned that they’ve been unsubscribed from channels. This isn’t happening"

Regardless of whether their concerns are valid worried people aren’t going to be producing their best content and flat out denying everything isn’t the most productive way of engaging with the people you’re supposed to help.


^ A large group of Vloggers gathered behind Collabrakadabra’s campaign and many fans created art in a show of support

If the YouTube community really is falling apart nobody seems to have told the large group of YouTubers and the collab channel they gathered around in support of last month.

They’re called Collabrakadabra and they were competing on King of the Web -a competition usually dominated by the giants of online video- in last months special “Viva La VidCon” category to claim two VidCon tickets and hotel accommodations.

That’s all they were in it for, they had one member who couldn’t make it VidCon this year and they wanted everyone to be there so they could meet each other and hang out.

Community Support

Vloggers like Liam DrydenMorganPaigeLoves and Voldy along with prominent tumblr blogger Vondell Swain reblogged appeals for votes and asked their own followers to vote for the channel.

Some even submitted their cheesy endorsements of the “collabradors” to be edited into their campaign videos.

Australian make-up tutorialist and comedy vlogger Louna Maroun also pledged her support despite originally running against them in the Viva La Vidcon category.

She later went on to abandon her campaign altogether and forwarded all of the votes she got from that point on to the collab channel.

"I recently discovered a gorgeous group channel called "Collabrakadabra" They are 5 lovely people on there who all met online, and would like to meet each other in person. The only way they can do this is at Vidcon"


YouTube is going to continue to expand as the world of web TV and user generated content begins to claim a lot of the viewers currently held by traditional media.

It’s going to change quite a bit too; YouTube is already becoming more business like and is moving towards a network style format. A lot of channels will focus more on entertaining the masses than on holding a conversation between themselves and a small group of subscribers.

There’s also the chance that all of that could turn out to be completely the wrong choice for online video and that everything will change once again or even several times over.

What holds the community together during that time won’t be perfect homepage layouts but the connections between creators and the people who view and engage with their content.

The YouTube community doesn’t need saving but maybe creators like onision do.

Large scale change over short periods always precedes extinction and perhaps the top 100 are already too similar to the t-rex of old. Massive, powerful and ultimately unable to adapt to a changing environment.

I’m back, baby

John Mortimer.

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