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YouTubers Announce “Exceptionally Ordinary Variety Tour”

A tour of western American cities and Vancouver this June it will include YouTubers YourAverageAdam, Toddly00, thatzak, ravenzoe, mulfordthedean, voldey, NerdzRL and others performing various shows and YouTube musician Alex Day singing.

The tour is being funded by a Kickstarter campaign (here) and is currently at 40% of it’s $7000 goal. It is believed that the events will be ticketed but prices and the method of distribution are as yet unknown.

As with all kickstarter funding drives various incentives are being offered in exchange for pledging a certain amount of money such as personalised drawings by well known Tumblr artist Vondell Swain, copies of Adam Robertson’s comedy albums, signed tour postcards and personalised videos.

Audience Participation

A large part of the tour will focus on audience participation and the opportunity to interact with people you would ordinarily only see through the screen of your computer

"There’s going to be crowd participation in abundance. We’ve seriously come up with some really clever ways to interact with you guys throughout the show."

The only specific act of audience participation revealed thus far is the opportunity to throw a pie in the face of a performer of your choice, currently available for a pledge of a $100 or more.

Alex Day

Of particular interest may be the inclusion of musician Alex Day; hot on the heels of his latest single “Lady Godiva” (read our evaluation of it’s launch here) he will be performing at every stop on the tour.

This year is already proving to be a busy one with livelavalive, Meekakitty, Nanalew, Jason Munday, Alex Carpenter and Olan Rogers having just wrapped up their “Dial Up Tour” in February and the 3rd annual Vidcon on June 29th in Anaheim (where the tour finishes up two days before if anyone feels like getting there early).

John Mortimer.

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