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Hey all

Me and H hosted the pre-SITC grrrls on youtube gathering as some of you now earlier today. This was at jubilee gardens. At around midday to late in the afternoon Tom Milsom (with 2 other girls nobody recognised, I think mid to late teens) was wandering around the area coming very close to where we were sitting and sitting down near the other gathering in the same area. 

I don’t know why he was in the area, but it seemed much too well timed to be a coincidence. He probably guessed there would be YouTube gatherings in this area even if he know about any official events. Our gathering was based around having a safe space for girls and non-binary people which was in reaction to the abuse within the youtube community, so I was especially concerned by his presence. 

So basically, if you are around SITC and attending other gatherings be aware that it’s possible Tom and others may be hanging around. And let people know who might find his and others presences triggering (if anyone knows the girls he was hanging with keep an eye on them etc). Thank you and stay safe!! 

Heads up folks apparently Milsom is hanging around the edges of SITC like a fucking ghoul at a cemetery.

It’s especially concerning that he chose a gathering set up partially because of his actions and his presence could well be seen as an act of deliberate intimidation on his part.

Please let others know if you see him or any other YouTuber implicated as an abuser at SITC or related gatherings (twitters always good) so people can be aware and maybe plan their movements if they need to. Do not feel like you have to confront him or anyone else though.

It is absolutely unacceptable that this is happening.

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Anonymous asked: Eddplant returned to Twitter back in February, and John Green kind of sent him a welcome back tweet (something like "good to see you" via @sportswithjohn). Do you think that's sending a mixed message? The official line is "We won't tolerate that kind of behaviour or allow offenders in certain spaces" but being on friendly terms with those same offenders strikes me as hypocritical. And now Ed is back to making videos, so obviously he feels encouraged in some ways.


This is true, and pretty disgusting.

That tweets disturbing but for me it only adds to this sense that nothing’s really changed despite everything that happened.

Like Lucy and others have said that at least some of what came out was suspected or known by several third parties or even generally amongst certain groups of YouTubers and not talked about to the larger community. There’s the lack of transparency with how this was talked about outside of tumblr, big videos that talked vaguely about consent and spouted platitudes without ever naming the names and the specifics. I feel like there’s still certain things being kept quiet beneath the hastily announced “community healing” type projects.

I’m not saying there’s some grand YT conspiracy but I think there are bandages being slapped over putrid wounds when there’s still rotten flesh to be cut away.

I feel like conversations about arrogance and entitlement and looking the other way have been avoided.

There’s this post by this guy called “adamusprime” on here that Olga took to task just the day after it all started coming out that sums all that up for me tbh, in it he doesn’t even stop to think about her or the other people who’s lives have been fucked up by it.

No, his concern is being badgered by people asking questions, who don’t have any “respect” for the feelings of him or the other people who were personally involved with the perpetrators.

And that just feels so typical right now; it’s the same keep everything in the club mentality that contributed to this shit festering unseen in the first place.

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How to Get Big on Youtube: The 0% Bullshit, Truly Cynical Answer

I almost never look at the blog but I seem to get an email alert about a question that asks something along these lines every other day so fuck it.

Factor 1: How good looking are you?

Do people stare into your eyes the way ancient mariners looked into a gigantic whirlpool that was dragging them to their inevitable drowning?

Has a Hollywood starlet ever cried in the bathroom after meeting you at a party?

Factor 2: How’s your self esteem?

Can you stand every single aspect of your appearance, personality and speech being criticised by someone who lives half the world away?

This goes doubly for girls, who get the kind of fucked up abuse that would make even a hardened 4chan user vomit onto their laptop.

Factor 3: How much free time and cash do you have?

Do you have the money to sustain a hobby that will take up the same amount of time and a hell of a lot more personal investment than a full time job but offers none of the same returns?

Factor 4: How patient / persistent a person are you?

Can you handle being ignored for possibly years as you build up a bank of videos that will absorb a significant proportion of your time and energy day after day, probably while someone who records their cat taking a dump into their neighbours swimming pool gets millions of views and international media attention?

Factor 5: Can you do something better than everyone with 5000+ plus subscribers does that thing?

There are no new niches, all the niches are colonised; accept it.

Factor 6: Can you cope with being constantly shat on by a faceless corporate entity who’s sole goal concerning YouTube seems to be trying to redesign the website in a way that further undercuts the people who live their lives on it?

Factor 7: The factor to end all factors, do you own a time machine that can transport you back to the years 2006-mid 2009?

Cause otherwise it’s pretty much not gonna happen.

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I commented on Ed’s video, explaining that by continuing to bring this situation up, he is holding my recovery back. I am continually forced to relive months of abuse because of his actions. Because he finds it too difficult to not tweet or upload videos. Life is so hard for serial rapists. The whole video is about how he’s trying to become a better man, so yknow… I thought not stressing out the girl he raped, manipulated and abused would be his top priority.

He deleted the comment. So … Apparently not.

You can say “he owes his audience nothing” - but can you honestly say that he owes me nothing? Do I not deserve just a little bit of peace? Do I not deserve to have him listen to my words and take in to account just how much he’s ruined my life?

All I want is to be left alone, to stop having panic attacks. To stop reliving everything over and over.

I want to be the girl I was before he followed me home one night and schemed his way in to my flat under the guise of “I don’t want you walking home alone, you’ll be safer with me. I just need to come inside and charge my phone”.

He told me he wanted to kiss me and I just laughed and said “this is awkward” because I didn’t know what else to say, he was already in my home. I didn’t want to kiss him and so I said lamely “you have a girlfriend”. I stared intensely at my knees but he demanded I look at him. I told him I had a
tshirt with his name on it in my wardrobe and his albums on my computer. He ignored me.
After the third time asking me to look at him, I did and he kissed me. I didn’t kiss back so he told me to open my mouth. He got a bit frustrated when I didn’t. I was so nervous and shaky. I didn’t feel like I could say no. It was 100% obvious at this point that I did not want to have sex with him. He didn’t care. Then he switched the light off and I asked him what he was doing, he told me to be quiet and just pushed me back on the bed. He told me afterwards that I shouldn’t cry and he wiped away my tears. For 8 months after that I was in some weird self destructive spiral because of his actions, and he consistently abused and manipulated that. He told me that I was special and wonderful and beautiful and when I mentioned that I’d never said yes, he just brushed over it. He told me he needed me. I told myself that I must have wanted it otherwise I would have screamed no. A few months later I did say no, firmly. Thinking that i wouldn’t make the same mistake again. I told him I wanted him to leave me alone and he hit me and told me that I was ungrateful, that he’d been so nice to me so how dare I refuse. That didn’t stop him then either though.

He took away the safeness of home. He took away any self confidence I had. I will never be the person I was before. I don’t feel safe in the company of friends any more. I find it unbelievably difficult to trust anyone. I’m cynical and I’m bitter and I hate myself for it. I lost all my friends within the youtube community. He took everything away from me - and I wasn’t the only girl he did this to.

Before accepting him back just please please, remember what he’s done and remember that people are still hurting because of him. That in the song, he belittles raping me and ruining my life to just a simple regret that he has. That in the song he says he’ll use the experience of raping me and fucking over every girl he has ever been with to make him in to a better man. Women are not pawns in the life of Ed Blann, we don’t exist to make him a better man.

Just please, don’t fall for false apologies and his false claims of making himself better.

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Ban Revenge Porn UK



Over the past 6 months, my ex boyfriend, has been consistently uploading nude images of me online without my consent. They were images that were taken whilst we were together. 

This took various forms, he’d upload them and label them with phrases such as ‘whore’. He created a whole separate profile, pretending to be a young girl called Kimmy, he encouraged men/women to chat sexually with him. 

This ISN’T illegal in the UK.

I’ve spent 6 months asking him repeatedly to remove the images, asking tumblr to take the images down. And he does, tumblr does. But the images keep coming back.

I’m exhausted, I’ve kept it quiet because it’s humiliating to admit to people that this is happening to you.

But I’m NOT keeping quiet any more. This SHOULD be illegal. Posting nude images of me online could lose me my job and could damage future relationships. He should NOT be allowed to get away with this. 

It’s a sex offence and I want the law to recognise that.

PLEASE sign and share this petition. 

I’m drafting a template email for people to email to their MPs, if enough of them raise this with the relevant minister then this issue WILL get discussed in parliament.

It’s ridiculous that this isn’t illegal already, please help me. 

Almost at 4,000 signatures <3 <3 <3 

Reblogging cause this guy is involved in the community and needs to be taken to task for the vile shit he’s been doing. His name is Alex Odam, as I understand it he does cinematography / editing work for various YouTube people. Please sign the petition, email your MP if you’re British and also make sure that the people he works with know about this.

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Luke Conard Seemingly Both Apologises for and Denies Allegations, Internet Really Not Buying It

^ If this doesn’t sum up the response I’m not really sure what will (image used with the kind permission of Steph

Several days after allegations against him initially surfaced YouTuber and “Wrock” musician Luke Conard has made a post on his Tumblr addressing them:

"I, in no way, am looking to discredit or minimize anyone’s pain, and I’m certainly not excusing any of my wrong doing, but it does make me upset that Kristina and Whitney’s posts seemingly lump me in with other allegations I have seen on Tumblr this week. The events that they recounted in their posts happened while everyone involved was of legal age, and were 100% consensual"

"I’ve done things in the past that I wish I could undo. I feel terrible about the way things ended with Kristina and Whitney and I’m truly sorry. I’ve told both of them that, in private. If you walk away from this post remembering one thing, it’s that I am sorry about the way I acted towards them and I wish that I could take back some of the things that I did"

Whether these two paragraphs taken together constitute a contradiction is arguable, It’s noticeable that, compared to the detailed accounts of Horner and Milam, he doesn’t seem to directly mention any specific event or, well, anything in detail. Instead making vague references to “the way I acted”, “the things that I did”, “my actions”, and “traumatic events”.

Along with other issues, Conard’s seeming resistance to being drawn on the outright facts of the matter have been in an unfavourable light by many people.


The response to his statement has been generally negative and at times openly hostile, perhaps even more so than the response to Alex Day’s statement on the matter, he and Conard being the only two out of the YouTubers so far accused to make them.

As well as directly reblogging his post to make their replies (in many of which the word “bullshit” is very well represented) lots of people have been using Conard’s tumblr tag as a place to vent their frustration with his alleged actions and his response

”[…]don’t victim blame your exes and try to explain your bullshit away. “I thought I was clear we weren’t together”. Yeah, I don’t think you were clear and I don’t think that YOU thought you were clear. You just wanted another girl on the hook for when you got bored.
Basically his entire post was just like his music career. Full of auto-tune.”

"How can you write an “apology” that basically says: “Yeah, I know you think I abused and manipulated you but you are wrong. Also I had a bad breakup once"

Some people have also claimed that the post exhibits a lot of the hallmarks of manipulative behaviour itself:

"He uses his mom and sister to garner sympathy, he confirms-ish the story while mentioning none of the accusations, he apologizes for there feelings and not for anything they claim (which tries to subtly shift the blame on them for not understanding or a “miscommunication”, he states that he doesn’t want to minimize their pain while addressing his own pain to the exclusion of theirs"

Including a probation officer who works with perpetrators of domestic violence:

"if you’re wanting a choice example of what a perpetrator’s version of events typically looks like, I recommend heading over to Luke Conard’s tumblr for some insight as to what I have listen to every fucking day"

Conard has also failed to make any real statement on the accusations that he took advantage of their not being a contract for the first ALL CAPS album “Songs in the Key of Email” to siphon off all the profits for himself, saying that he wishes to deal with that “separately” in another post, which he has yet to make.

Whether he will continue to post after that is unknown, this negative response to his statement may encourage him to let his social media presence go dark, as others with allegations leveled at them have chosen to do.

Regardless of whether he does so it’s certain that these allegations are not going away and that he can no longer count on having a completely receptive audience.

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Luke Conard in Alleged Sexual Abuse, Branded an “Emotional Manipulator” and “Borderline Sociopath”

The 33 year old YouTuber, former ALL CAPS member and prominent member of the “Wrock” community Luke Conard has been added to the sexual and emotional abuse allegations ongoing within the YouTube community. Both he and Alex Carpenter are scheduled to appear as guests at Playlist Live.

The allegations against him, initially raised by former bandmate, prominent YouTuber and web series actress and producer Kristina Horner have been added to by YouTuber and fellow former girlfriend Whitney Milam.

Both spoke about their reasons for making their statements, referencing what has been happening within the community in recent days:

"i wasn’t going to speak up about my experiences dating within the youtube community. but as more and more brave women have come forward, i’ve finally convinced myself otherwise. my silence isn’t helping anybody - not even myself. i’ve been crying and i’ve felt nauseous and i’ve felt guilt and remorse and now fuck it, i’m just going to tell my story"

"what’s been surfacing in these online communities this week is bigger than me, and I’ve felt like a coward for remaining silent while too many women I greatly respect & admire have found the courage to put themselves out there and contextualize their negative experiences in the interest of a greater positive outcome"


At times Conard is said to have maintained relationships with several women at once, even after initially breaking up with Horner he apparently manipulated her into maintaining a public fascade while he pursued other women. A state of affairs he was apparently happy with until she went on a date with someone else.

"he told me if i didn’t sleep with him on that trip, i wasn’t serious about getting back together and it must mean that i slept with seattle guy on my date. this was absolutely ridiculous, but he forced me to have sex with him to prove i hadn’t slept with someone"

A pattern of behaviour he apparently went on to repeat with Milam after Horner finally ended it for good.

Milam states that he even used YouTube itself as a way to break down her self esteem, forcing her to appear in a video with him and then reading the most vicious comments aloud to her.

Then, months after breaking up with her for the first time:

"I attended a party at his house with friends, drank a lot, blacked out for the first time in my life - I do not remember anything about this party - and woke up the next morning in Luke’s bed. You can imagine my shock. When I asked him to explain, saying I couldn’t remember anything, he swore NOTHING had happened - according to him I was just drunk and fell asleep in his bed […] a girl I didn’t remember approached me to say she had been at that party and tried to get me out of the room after hearing indicative noises inside only to find he’d locked the door"

However, Conard managed to convince her that he had changed, and they began to date again, he sent long romantic emails and discussed the future with her, apparently all the while repeating the same patterns of behaviour apparent in his previous relationships, until she caught him red handed:

"We planned and threw a Halloween party together, and during our party I went up to use my things in his bathroom only to walk in on him in bed with a topless 19-year-old girl he had met on a video shoot a few days ago and previously informed me was a lesbian. He insisted she had cornered him in his room, shut the door, literally thrown him on the bed, and started kissing him entirely against his will. He was sorry he hadn’t ‘resisted’ as much as he should have"


ALL CAPS, an Electro-Pop band consisting of Horner and Conard, was formed in late 2009, released three albums “Songs in the Key of Email”, “Lowercase” and “Bmin/E” and toured twice. The band broke up in late 2011, at that time ostensibly because of Horner’s vocal nodes, a painful condition most common among female and child singers:

"people think i quit all caps because of my vocal nodes - and that’s partially true. luke got off easy in that sense. in fact, luke’s part of the reason my nodes got as bad as they did, because he was pretty sure it was something i was making up and encouraged me to sing through it all the time. but the real reason i quit all caps is because the time i spent with luke held some of the lowest moments in my entire life"

Not only that, but apparently Conard used the fact that they never drew up an official contract for the sale of their first album to ensure that he gained all the profits from sales of the first album, which was released independently, subsequent work being released through DFTBA records.

Conard has tweeted about the allegations, promising to make a statement, saying that:

"I’ve had a lot to process the past few days, I’m gonna get some sleep and address it all tomorrow"

The tweet is time stamped at 10 hours ago as of posting this article.

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Allegations of Sexual Abuse and Manipulation made about ‘Wrock’ Musician Alex Carpenter, Questions About Protection for Young Fans

Former partners of Carpenter and established, popular YouTubers Rosianna Halse Rojas and Sarah Sterling have made statements saying that the now 31 year old “Wrock” musician, who occupied a prominent place in the online Harry Potter fan community and at the “LeakyCon” convention, used his influence to manipulate them into sexual conversations and situations starting when they were both 16 years old and he was 25:

"Early on he would say things to me like, “why do you have to be 16?” and “you’re so cute, I wish you were older”, but those clear red flags in his mind were not enough to stop him from pursuing me, and, me being 16, did not have the capacity to understand how dangerous the situation really was"

"I’m 17 and he’s giving me things to drink and wild old me accepts them, throws them down in one. At that time, let me state, I was a mess. I was so sick, in a lot of ways, and I spent half the convention crying. I watch him shout at his most regular girl, shout at her for spraining her ankle and not wanting to host a party […]somehow I end up in a stairwell, kissing him, and somehow I wake up the next day next to him, only to get up for the bathroom, get back and find him kissing the girl who was in bed next to me"

"I have let him sleep in my bed. All the while knowing that I’m not the only one, whatever the fuck he claims, all the while knowing that he is exploiting my insecurity, exploiting the power dynamic as he has done since I was 16, all the while knowing that he is a cheating liar, who explicitly messages girls in high school even though his in his thirties now, who thinks he can get away with it"

This is just the latest in a series of allegations started when Tom Milsom’s former girlfriend Olga alleged that he raped and sexually assaulted her on multiple occasions. Alex Day has since also been accused of sexual assault and using his status to manipulate underage girls into bed, like Carpenter, prominent YouTubers made statements about him.

Carpenter, like Milsom, has made no response to these allegations and his online accounts have remained inactive since they [the allegations] were made.


A lot of the alleged misconduct centres around un-named conventions in the United States attended by YouTubers.

In a community where most of the interaction takes place online, conventions are one of the few times that large numbers of people involved in the community will be present in one place, thus, it is perhaps unsurprising that when physical abuse happens, conventions are involved.

However, well knowing about the general rape and sexual assault problem present in western society and around the world, and about the power dynamics between older men and teenage girls even without those men holding positions of influence and admiration, a question has to be asked.

At conventions like LeakyCon, PlaylistLive and VidCon (where Tom Milsom first met Olga) as well as generally within the community, was enough effort made to protect the vulnerable, underage fans from those who had influence over them and make them aware of the dangers?

Perhaps it’s easy to ask that with the benefit of hindsight, and there is truth in that, but it must still be asked.

Safety Policies

LeakyCon states on it’s official website that:

"Attendees under the age of 18 attending LeakyCon without a registered parent or legal guardian must bring a signed and notarized permission form when they check in"

Past LeakyCon attendee Colin has made a post talking about safety there, saying that he has “unshakable faith” in staff members and attests to staff members going above and beyond to help him

"After three weeks of international travel, I was pretty physically sick/homesick by the time I got to LeakyCon London and had three LeakyCon Managers volunteer to be my “Leaky Moms” (god bless you Lawson, Jenn and Candace).

Other staff members at previous conferences have swooped in to save me from situations where I was clearly uncomfortable—even when my big mouth got me in those situations in the first place”

But he also raises concerns:

"However I’ve also seen aspects where things have become maybe a little too lax. For example, the chaperone policy that was once very strict has become more and more “hands-off” in recent years"

The VidCon website policy states that:

"There is no age limit to attend VidCon. If you are under 18 and your parents are okay with you going, then so are we! If you’re under age 13, then we require that you have an adult with you. Ages 8 and younger even get in for free."

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Hank Green Unveils Projects Aimed at Combating Sexual Assault

In a new video (, Vlogbrother Hank Green has announced three separate initiatives aimed at combating sexual assault.

In it, he discusses the societal factors involved in sexual assault and, using an unusual metaphor involving a kitten and a cruise missile, blames patriarchal standards and societal expectations of romance as being a significant part of the problem:

"I’m explaining culture but I’m not excusing the behaviour, when we’re set up to assume that the kitten is gonna run whether the kitten wants the cruise missile or not, that enables abuse"

Although not directly mentioned in the video itself, it comes in the wake of allegations of rape and sexual assault against Tom Milsom and Alex Day, popular YouTubers, musicians, and now former clients of Green’s record label DFTBA Records.

The community has been rocked for days by these credible and very serious allegations and multiple, prominent YouTubers have come out in support of the victims and -in Day’s case- even add their own statements of abuse.

At the time Green stated that “you cannot fix a problem if you cannot face a problem”and it seems that he and his brother, author John Green, now intend to back that up with concrete action.

Task Force

The first of the initiatives is a task force composed of Nerdfighters, the name used to describe their channels community of subscribers, and actual survivors of rape and sexual assault.

Neither of the Greens has yet released any information on what the exact role and activities of this task force will be. It will presumably be involved in online advocacy and, this is pure unwarranted speculation, may have have some form of involvement in this years VidCon.


The brothers will be producing and funding a series of videos that discuss sexual abuse, consent and relationships, particularly within the context of the digital age and modern communication, citing Skype as an example.
It is not known who will be presenting them.


The vlogbrothers will be partnering with an as-yet unnamed number of established rape and sexual assault organisations and charities to “bring their work and their resources into our community and hopefully into other online communities as well”

While some of this information may seem vague it is worth noting the very short time frame in which these projects have been drawn up, it seems likely that new information and a deeper level of detail will be made public when the projects have been more fully developed.

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